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magic mushrooms, shrooms, boomers/zoomers, Simple Simon

What are Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a special type of mushroom that people eat to experience a psychedelic trip or “high.” They are an illegal drug. The caps and stems contain the main active ingredient psilocybin which can cause you to see things that aren’t there and experience things that aren’t really happening. 

Unwanted side-effects can include a sore stomach—also known as “mush gut”—a fear of losing control of your mind and body and unpleasant thoughts, feelings and hallucinations.

Effects of Mushrooms

Mushrooms usually start working anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour after you eat them. The trip lasts from three to eight hours, but can feel much longer because of the way mushrooms change your sense of time.

With this drug and other drugs like it, known as psychedelics, the kind of trip you will have depends on how much you take, where you are, who you’re with and the strength of the batch. Trips can be anywhere from happy and fun to horrifying and emotionally scarring.  They can also begin one way and change halfway through for no apparent reason.

Some of the thoughts that come to mind on mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs might be unpleasant and cause you to feel anxious and afraid.

You may also experience hallucinations that you find scary or strange. If you go into a mushroom trip with a lot on your mind, you might find that you get lost in a spiral of negative thinking and dark, sometimes depressing thoughts. 

Problems using Mushrooms

People have died from picking and eating poisonous wild mushrooms that they mistook for magic mushrooms.

Any drug that causes visual hallucinations can make the user experience fear, confusion and anxiety. Also, because of the hallucinations and the user’s lack of coordination while on this drug, there is a risk of injuring yourself and others.

The risks of taking mushrooms are worse if you have a history of panic attacks or mental illness.

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