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Crystal meth, crystal, ice, fire, glass, tina, T, crank

What is Meth?

Meth is an illegal, man-made, highly addictive drug. It's the crystallized form of methamphetamine. Meth belongs to the same family as speed, but it’s way stronger.

Meth is usually smoked in glass pipes, but it is sometimes injected or taken in pill form. People use it to feel excited and confident. Taking meth gives you a rush of energy, followed by a high that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. It can also make you feel argumentative, hyper-focused or violent. People say the high feels very similar to crack, but lasts for a much longer time—usually four to 12 hours.

Some common short term side effects include anxiety, teeth grinding and stomach ache. Long-term, it can cause serious, permanent damage to the way you look and your ability to think and feel.

Meth is highly addictive, and is one of the strongest and riskiest illegal drugs out there.

Effects of Meth

The high from meth is similar to that of crack except that it can last way longer – anywhere from four to sixteen hours.

The initial rush starts as you first inhale and lasts up to half an hour. You’ll likely feel your heartbeat race and an overload of happiness come over you. This is followed by a high that lasts anywhere from four to sixteen hours. This is when you may feel extremely confident. You might find yourself arguing and interrupting people, or you might find yourself focused on doing the same task over and over again for hours on end. This is called “tweaking.”

When you start to come down, you might be obsessed with finding more crystal meth to maintain the high. This can last for days or weeks. Each time you take more meth, you’ll find that the high lasts for a shorter period of time and is less intense. 

Eventually you’ll be forced to come down. You’ll feel the opposite of the positive emotions you felt when high. Users often report feeling empty and alone, and may feel like hurting themselves. You’ll be unable to sleep, and you might see and hear things that aren’t really there. Some people feel itchy or have delusions of bugs crawling under their skin.

Eventually when your body can’t handle being awake anymore, you’ll finally crash and fall asleep for a long period of time.

Problems using Meth

The high from meth is very strong and the comedown is equally intense. The longer and more often you use, the more addicted you get. As your brain changes and gets used to it, the harder it gets to stop. Meth use causes blood vessels in your brain to rupture and changes the way the chemicals in your body react to each other. The longer you use the more chance you will have of doing permanent damage to your mind and body.

Long-term users often have brain damage. This can change everything from the way you learn to the way you move and feel. You are more likely to find it hard to remember things and talk to people the way you used to. Some of these problems get better after at least a year without taking the drug, but some will be permanent.

Meth also changes the way you look. After only a few months to a few years of taking meth, you’ll look much older. You’ll get cuts on your skin from picking and scratching at it. You might also get “meth mouth,” which is when your teeth rot and fall out. 

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